This week, share an image of your happy place, a secret spot you love, or a faraway location you return to again and again.

Favorite Place

In a little town in the country of Salzburg there is a winding little street up a hill and after a walk of about 30 minutes  the top is reached. And there it is – my favorite place with a 360° panorama of impressing mountains.

In the north is the masif of Dachstein and knowing where to look I can spot the Hofpürglhütte where we, my mother, my brother and me stayed overnight once. My brother and me longed for crossing the narrow mountain pass to the other side of the masif to the lake Gosau. But my mother was unwilling „you are too young and it is too dangerous“ … „I was on the Hochkönig last year  and  I was only 8 years then. Now I am 9“, I retorted. „Maybe next year. Now we just follow the path below the cliffs to the west and at the end we descend to the valley, where your father will pick us up.“ There was never a next year and neither my brother nor me ever made the way over the pass. With my eyes I follow the path as long as I can and then, with a quick glance to the impressive Hochkönig, I turn around to look at the Austrian Alps in all their majesty.  I can name all the peaks. Just in front the word famous ski areas Planai, the Sportwelt Amadé and on the western horizont the Großglockner.  They are my mountains, my home. Here I can stay for hours and feel free and happy.

On the way down there are thousands of blueberries and porcinis if you know where to look.


There are even sometimes sunshine and blue sky at the mountains



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