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Uff, what a theme! First I thought about a turned key at the inside at the entrance door, but is this security? Anyway to have a home, where you can turn around the key, you need money.

Then I thought feeling secure driving a car I need a good tyre pattern and a working brake. That is right, but to be able to drive a car I need money too.

My favorite sport is skiing. And to feel secure I need an excellent binding, good shoes … and money to get it.

Some people say, all they need to feel secure is their faith. Faith gives you a living quality, joy and the consciousness for life. May it be man, animals or nature. But faith does not pay your bill and except becoming a nun you have to earn your living by youself.

It took me a few hours to conclude, that money gives me the security to lead my life as I like it. And therefore money (enough money) is very important for me. There was a time in my childhood, when there was no money at all and I still the remember the fear and how horrified I was. Of course I read Freud, but the need stayed.




  1. I agree. It’s just finding that fine line of having enough money to be able to do the things you want, but not stressing or working so hard that you don’t have time or space to enjoy what you have already.

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