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Uff, what a theme! First I thought about a turned key at the inside at the entrance door, but is this security? Anyway to have a home, where you can turn around the key, you need money.

Then I thought feeling secure driving a car I need a good tyre pattern and a working brake. That is right, but to be able to drive a car I need money too.

My favorite sport is skiing. And to feel secure I need an excellent binding, good shoes … and money to get it.

Some people say, all they need to feel secure is their faith. Faith gives you a living quality, joy and the consciousness for life. May it be man, animals or nature. But faith does not pay your bill and except becoming a nun you have to earn your living by youself.

It took me a few hours to conclude, that money gives me the security to lead my life as I like it. And therefore money (enough money) is very important for me. There was a time in my childhood, when there was no money at all and I still the remember the fear and how horrified I was. Of course I read Freud, but the need stayed.




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